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2-Year Concrete Warranty

We provide outstanding quality products but warranty claims can happen even to the best concrete contractors. Our warranty is built to protect you from these situations for concrete defects. This Includes Cracks that have separated more than 1/4" or a difference in height of more than 1/4” in the concrete. We also cover the popping, chipping, and spalling of the concrete surface if more than 30% of the concrete. Repair of the surface will only be repaired on a per-section basis under the warranty.  Popping, chipping, and spalling repairs may get an acrylic sealer coat on the entire area after the concrete repair.  The customer agrees to not use de-icer or salt on the new concrete for the time this is valid. Please use sand WITHOUT salt only. All claims will be at the discretion of CAD Concrete And Excavating. Road salt is used on roads after snow removal when the temperature is warmer than -10. This can lead to salt dropping from vehicles which damages the concrete pad or driveway. Salt on the concrete can be minimized by washing your vehicles often. Salt damage will not be covered.


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