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Excavation Contractor Winnipeg

We are safety oriented Excavation Contractor providing Free Quotes for services in Winnipeg and many parts of Manitoba.



Snow Removal

Snow Removal Services In Winnipeg | CAD Concrete Snow Clearing

Our Excavation Company offers snow removal services and seasonal monthly contracts for Winnipeg and Many surrounding areas of Manitoba.  Some of our snow-clearing services are:

  • Skid Steer Snow Removal
  • 5 Ton Plow Trucks
  • Dump Trucks for snow removal from your property 

Payment Available Credit Card, Cheque, And E-Transfer

Make CAD Concrete And Excavating your choice for all Snow removal work for commercial, industrial, businesses, farms, and residential.  All work can be quoted on a per-visit basis or seasonal contracts for snow removal and ice management. 

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Skid Steer Services

Skid Steer for loading dump trucks

CAD Concrete and Excavating offers large and small skid steers on a contract basis or hourly rate.  

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Mini Excavator Services

CAD Concrete can provide mini excavation services in Winnipeg and Some areas in Manitoba. 


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Fence Post Drill and Set Wood Posts

Skid Steer Fence Post Drilling Auger
Fence Post Drilling Auger

CAD Concrete And Excavating can drill and auger an assortment of wood fence post sizes.  We can offer an all-inclusive drill and set posts or we can drill and you can set your posts. We can also pick up your 4"x4", 6"x6" fence posts and other lumber in pressure-treated or cedar and include them in the quote. 


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Grading Service

 Excavation and Grading Services in Winnipeg. CAD Concrete offers free quotes for yard and lot grading services.  Grading can be charged hourly or quoted to make sure you stay under budget for your grading project.  Grading can be set with an orbital laser level to ensure your property drains water away from the house or building as it should. We can also supply clean fill to raise your property as needed. 


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Landscaping Services

Small Track Skid Steer
Landscaping Services

CAD Concrete and Excavating company has many types of landscaping services available.  Some of our company landscaping services include:

  • Grading and Clean fill
  • Topsoil
  • Sod
  • Concrete Curbs and Retaining Walls
  • Concrete Patios
  • Custom Fish Ponds (Polished Exposed Aggregate Concrete)
  • Custom Fountains


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Dump Truck Hauling

Dump Truck for hauling Aggregates, Limestone, Sand, Clean fill, Black Granite
Dump Truck Hauling In Winnipeg

CAD Concrete And Excavating company provides dump truck hauling services in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  We can deliver 3/4" down limestone, crushed concrete gravel for base work, Clean fill for grading yards, black granite and other aggregates for landscaping, sand, and remove old concrete from your property.


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