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Grade Beam

Concrete I.C.F grade beam

CAD Concrete and Excavating can form and pour your concrete grade beam with insulated concrete forms. (I.C.F.) This helps make your garage, home, or business more efficient than conventional wood-formed grade beams.  We also do addition grade beams with I.C.F.  This saves money in the building phase since you do not need to get the grade beam spray foamed on the inside. All grade beams need to be engineer-designed for a foundation solution that performs as it should.

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Concrete Pump pouring Concrete Grade Beam in I.C.F

Grade beams usually use concrete friction piles under them. A friction pile is just a straight concrete pile with rebar in it. It relies on friction with the ground to keep it in place. When building additions for homes, we prefer to use a bell-bottomed pile rather than a friction pile. The reason behind this is that a bell-bottomed pile won't be as deep and will sit closer to the same depth and clay or mud as the house footing.  We also believe that they help resist frost heaving better.