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We provide concrete sidewalk contractor services in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba. Some of the finishes and options available for a concrete sidewalk include colours, broom texture and a few different stamp patterns available for concrete. Most of our sidewalks are formed to 4” thick unless it runs beside a driveway then it would be 5” thick. All sidewalks use 10 mm rebar on 16” centers.  At CAD Concrete And Excavating company we have the team to get your project done right and on time.  Make us your choice for a quality concrete contractor in Winnipeg.







Concrete Stamped Sidewalk | CAD Concrete And Excavating

    Adding a new concrete sidewalk can increase the value and curb appeal of your home or business.  It can also increase the safety level when it comes to slip and fall accidents.  After pouring a concrete sidewalk we make crack cut control joints in it.  These crack control joints need to be 25% of the thickness of the concrete.  This allows any cracking to happen at the bottom of the crack control joint where it is not visible.  This is needed since winter frost in the ground can cause movement.   


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