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Concrete Garage Pad On Grade

Concrete Garages And Shop Pads

    At CAD Concrete and Excavating, we provide our customers with quality residential and commercial concrete contractor services and some of the best options for concrete garages & shop pads. Concrete garage pads can be power troweled to a smooth and dense finish, broom finish, or a bull float finish for a semi-smooth concrete pad with a better grip.

    Residential concrete pads for garages range in specifications.  Within Winnipeg, the maximum size for a garage without an engineer-stamped plan is 753 Sq. Feet. Some municipalities in Manitoba allow concrete pads for garages up to 1000 Sq. Feet without an engineered plan. Our standard design for garages under 400 Sq. Ft. is a 5" thick concrete pad. Concrete Pads 400 - 753 Sq Ft. are designed with a 12" x 12" thickened edge and the main concrete pad is 6" thick. 

    Our insulated concrete pads use some of the best quality styrofoam insulation. Quality insulation guarantees that the pad will maintain the insulation value for its lifespan. This assures us that we are making the best concrete pads that will last for many decades. This higher-quality style building will reduce the impact on the environment by using less heat. Also, the insulation protects the pad from frost getting under it and lifting the pad every year which reduces its lifespan drastically. 

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Charcoal black concrete driveway | CAD Concrete And Excavating
Charcoal Colored Concrete Driveway

    A concrete driveway is the first view the visitor sees at your property. Concrete driveways add style, elegance, and a modern look to your curb appeal.  Our custom poured concrete driveways can be personalized to bring the style you want to your property.  Some options are coloured, full stamped concrete, and different accent colours on edges stamped with the 2-row brick look.  We can also form in different designs into the driveway and inset accent coloured areas for a concrete driveway that has that custom style you want. 

    CAD Concrete offers residential and commercial concrete driveways, parking pads, parking lots and approaches. Standard residential driveways are designed at a 5" thickness for residential traffic.  For heavier vehicles on a residential driveway on a regular basis we recommend upgrading the thickness to 6".  For commercial Parking lots and commercial approaches, it can vary from 6" to 10" in thickness. 

    Concrete driveways and parking lots lower costs for snow removal services in long term, since concrete remains perfectly flat over its lifetime, unlike asphalt paving and gravel which eventually gets tire tracks sunk into it. Making snow removal difficult to clean right down to the surface.  A clean surface is a slip-resistant surface.  Broom-finished concrete driveways excel in the slip resistance factor when compared to asphalt paved driveways. 

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Concrete Sidewalk Sidewalk | CAD Concrete And Excavating
Broom Finish Concrete Sidewalk

Our company has many finishes available for a concrete sidewalk. These include colours, broom texture and a few different stamp patterns available for concrete. Most of our sidewalks are formed to 4” thick unless it runs beside a driveway then it would be 5” thick. All sidewalks use 10 mm rebar on 16” centers.


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I.C.F Basements

Concrete I.C.F Basement | CAD Concrete Contractor
Insulated Concrete Forms Basement Walls

Our company can build your I.C.F. Basement on time with our qualified concrete contractor team. In our Manitoba climate, building with efficiency is important to help reduce the impact on the environment with a large reduction in the heat needed to keep your home comfortable.


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I.C.F. Grade Beams

Concrete Pump pouring Concrete Grade Beam with I.C.F
I.C.F. Concrete Grade Beam

CAD Concrete and Excavating can form and pour your concrete grade beam with insulated concrete forms. (I.C.F.) This helps make your garage, home, or business more efficient than conventional wood-formed grade beams.  We also do addition grade beams with I.C.F.


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Concrete Piles

I.C.F grade beam on Concrete Piles
Grade Beam on Concrete  Piles

CAD Concrete And Excavating company has the equipment to drill and pour your concrete Piles with high accuracy. We can offer these services for houses, addition, decks, and many other types of buildings. We can also excavate around your building for underpinning footings that have cracked and caused the building to sink.


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