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    CAD Concrete and Excavating provides some of the best concrete contractor services in Winnipeg and most of Manitoba. We offer free quotes for residential, commercial and industrial concrete contractor work. Let our professional team of concrete contractors complete your job or project with precision. Click on our pages below for more details. We can help with planning, designs, engineering, permits, formwork and complete your concrete project with the best quality materials and craftsmanship.

Concrete Pads

    We offer many concrete contractor services for concrete pads. In all areas of the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Our SM Styrofoam insulated concrete pads are one of the best designs that protect your pad/slab on grade from frost movement and provide an efficient in-floor geothermal/boiler heated concrete pad. All concrete pads with radiant in-floor heating must be properly insulated with a minimum of R10 under the pad, the vertical face of the garage pad, and an apron out 2- 4 feet out from the vertical face as per engineer requirements. We also have one of the best selections of paints, finishes, sealers and densifiers to protect your concrete pad.


    CAD Concrete And Excavating provide residential, commercial and industrial concrete contractor services for driveways, parking pads, parking lots & approaches. The best concrete surface is a broom texture finish for a safe, slip-resistant surface. Other finishes available include stamped concrete, exposed aggregate concrete and a wide variety of colored finishes. A standard residential driveway is formed to be a 5-inch thickness of 32 M.P.A. concrete with air entrainment, 10mm rebar spaced 18 inches apart in both directions. These are some of the best specifications for concrete driveways in our cold climate.


    We offer many types of options for concrete sidewalks.  The cost-effective finish is a broom texture finish for concrete. This is also the best for a non-slip finish. Other options we offer are coloured, stamped concrete, and exposed aggregate concrete. Concrete Sidewalks are made at 4" thickness with 32 M.P.A. strength concrete.

Grade Beam

    We prefer to make our grade beams with I.C.F. (insulated concrete forms). 

I.C.F Basements

    Our I.C.F. Basements provide the R-Value to make your basement comfortable and efficient. 

Piles And Underpinning

    Our services for Piles include new buildings and underpinning sinking buildings.  When underpinning we usually quote and do all the waterproofing membrane as well.  

Excavation Contractor

    CAD Concrete And Excavating provide many types of excavation contractor services in Winnipeg and many areas of Manitoba. Our teams are constantly developing safety policies to protect our customers and staff in the best possible ways.  Click on the pages below for more details on some of the excavation contractor services we provide.  

Snow Removal

    Offering snow removal with skid steers, plow trucks, and dump trucks.  Free quotes on Snow removal winter contracts.  We also have a quoted job price and hourly work rate.

Skid Steer Near Me

    We have 2 different sizes of skid steer available for excavation, grading, gravel driveways, gravel base work, soil, and clean fill.  We operate a 4' and 6' foot wide skid steer. We prefer to quote all jobs, although we are willing to work hourly. We can also offer to jackhammer existing concrete pads and other concrete buildings.

Mini Excavator Near Me

    We have a 43" wide Mini Excavator that we use for utility trenching, excavation for foundation repair and waterproofing, and concrete removal/demolition. There are many other applications where this machine is best, since it can get into some fenced yards without removal of any of the fence panels or posts.

Fence Post Drilling and Setting

    CAD Concrete And Excavating offer fence post drilling near me in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We can also provide this service to other areas in Manitoba. We require that a significant number of posts be drilled if the distance is far away from Winnipeg. We can also set the fence posts. Wood fence posts are set with 3/4" compacted limestone gravel. This will extend the life of the fence post. This allows water to drain away from the wood post. For fence posts that have gates attached, the post is attached with concrete instead of gravel. If the customer wishes, concrete can be used for all fence posts.      

Grading Service

    We also offer Yard grading for new houses, businesses, and commercial properties in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba.


    We can do all the landscaping projects you need. We can spread gravel, soil, sod, concrete curbs, retaining walls and more 

Dump Truck Hauling

    We can haul old concrete removed, gravel, soil, river rock, and black granite.